About Us

Supermoist is a cheeky, fun brand with a sense of humour.  A South African-based business (which makes us tough and lekker) born during the start of the Covid-19 epidemic. We are very serious about our brand, designing and locally manufacturing good quality custom-made clothing for everyday wear / extreme sports such as Motorcycling (enduro/motocross),  Scuba diving, Hunting (and we don't mean buying that chick at the bar a drink and hoping for some action later kind of hunting, we mean real men/women hunting animals or clay pigeons etc). We’re very resourceful and offer ease of access to many other types of sports apparel, equipment and accessories too. We manufacture and sell directly to the public via collection in Johannesburg or via courier delivery anywhere (except maybe Timbuktoo, but don’t be discouraged, we may get the courier there too one day)! For those of you who aren’t lekker South Africans, we export our products outside of South Africa too.